Standing still is boring. Get outside!


The Lovely Lakes


Mum and dad have arrived!!! 🙂 🙂 It was so exciting to see them pull up at the house in Nett’s little red car. It’s crazy how as they hop out they look just as if they’ve come to visit us in Newie and it feels like it was only just a few weeks ago we saw them! Mum and dad have a month holiday here in the UK and we get to spend about 2 weeks with them. That night we had a lovely family dinner (one thing I do miss about being away), a catch up on all the goings on back home and travels and planned the next few days trip to Wales.


Manchester and South of the Motherland

SthUKlog18When you’ve been travelling for so long and have arrived at an innumerable amount of bus stations, ports, train stations, and airports with not a familiar face in sight it is exceedingly wonderful to walk through the doors to where your beloved aunty is waiting with a warm hug and a big smile! We had arrived in Manchester on the evening of the 30th of July ready for a full month of being spoiled by our family, lovely catch ups, beautiful road trips and good food, not to mention the ease of English speaking shopkeepers and drinkable tap water.


We’ve arrived!

England is cold, wet and awesome!

It feels crazy to say considering how much stuff we have crammed in, but we have been in London for just over 24hrs now. When we arrived we headed straight to our backpackers and caught up with Heidi and Carmen.

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The backpackers is a pretty fun little place with a pub downstairs and the rooms upstairs. I’m sitting in the pub now watching England beat Ireland in the rugby on the big screen. The rooms are clean but pretty small and we’re in a ten bed dorm. It is definately going to take some getting used too sharing a room with this many randoms.


We spent the day yesterday doing a bit of site seeing and shopping for warmer clothes, coz it is cold! Its been a bit wet since we arrived too which has been a bit average. Last night we went out for a dinner that Ruth had organised. Was great to meet a few of the locals and catch up with Ben Bremner and Adam Clarke.


This morning after breakfast we said bon voyage to Heidi and Carmen and headed out to Ealing for the meeting. We are now masters of the underground, as thanks to a lot of track work it took us over an hr and a half to get there and included three trains, a bus and some walking. But luckily we arrived just in time. They had a lunch at the hall so we hung around for that too which was nice. It took us even longer than the trip there to get home thanks to some other incident on the tracks.

All is well now though, back in the warm pub and about to grab a beer.