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The Utter Madness of Marrakesh

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As we pulled into the crazy bustling streets of Marrakech it was time to part ways with Ibrahim. He had been good fun but really up and down thanks to Ramadan. He was cranky and tired one minute and the next cracking gags. Like when Jared first tried his turban on, Ibrahim spotted him and said “Hello Muhammad, where is Fatima”. I lost it! After dropping the kids off he left Clare and I at the main square, Jamaa El-Fnah. And after asking what riad we were staying in, gave us rough directions through the old town (or Medina) streets and told us to look out for a number 7 over the door. Sounded easy enough.


Journey to the Sahara


Once Ibrahim had managed to navigate the craziness of Marrakech traffic with apparent ease and we were out of the city we stopped by the roadside to check out the day’s game plan.


Lunch in Europe, dinner in Africa. Hello Morocco, we’re here at last!


“As I lie here on the vinyl mattress in our tiny train cabin I have become acutely aware that there is nothing quite like the flavour of an unshowered man after a full day in the Moroccan sun! I stink, but have had an awesome day!” Jono Russell, 21st July 2013.


Granada, Tapas Capital of the World

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By the time we had dropped the kids off (not by the pool), then found our accommodation (which included me running off to find wifi to call the owner and confirm her unit number, which Clare enjoyed a lot, except the opposite) we were smashed. So we just grabbed some pizza from across the road and passed out.


The Surf Side Cities of Sitges and Valencia

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The drive to Sitges was super quick and this time it wasn’t due to Jem’s disregard for the speed limit. We met our airbnb host, who happened to speak zero English, which wasn’t a great combination with our zero Spanish. It was heaps fun trying to sort out house rules, deposits, check out times and whatever else we needed using noises and hand gestures but we actually did alright.


Barca, you got it going on


For the first time on our travels we are staying closest to Nath, Tara, Jess and Steve! The evening flight saw us land tired, weary (ha, the flight was only 30mins) but wide-eyed at the wonders of inner city Barcelona!


Mallorca and the party people of Santa Ponsa


After a very short and uneventful flight we landed on the Spanish island of Mallorca! Upon landing the whole aircraft burst into applause, I’d been asleep and it made me feel as though I’d missed something. Had there been, at any stage, a strong possibility we weren’t going to make it??