Standing still is boring. Get outside!


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As you may have guessed this place is a little quirky. To be honest I haven’t stayed in many backpackers, but if 30% of travelling stories are true then this place is perfect!

It’s pretty small and has a pub down stairs off the street with three floors of rooms above. We stayed in a ten bed mixed dorm on the top floor for 4 nights, so the buns are tight thanks to the stairs. The top two floors only have one shower each, but even though our room was full I never waited for a shower. Could be coz we were up an into it pretty early, having continental breakie (which is included) by 8:30am most mornings. I did see one or two peeps wait maybe 5-10 mins to shower late in the morning.

It’s in a pretty rad location too. We walked to Oxford St most days, via  Leicester Sq, Parliament House, Big Ben, the Eye, Hyde Park, etc etc etc. At night when it wasn’t drizzling we walked down an checked out the Tower Bridge which was about a half hr journey each way. There are two tube stations within 500m, Waterloo and Lambeth North.

Staff were really nice and friendly and apart from one drunk unit at the bar, the guests were great too. We met travellers from Belgium, the States, Scotland, Germany and a few locals.

There is a small but functional kitchen and you can just eat at the tables in the little pub down stairs. We bought food from Sainsburies and M&S to cook for ourselves, but the M&S food was heat up only and was pretty good. We never spent more than £12 on dinner for two and spent as little as £4.


If all the backpackers we stay in are this good and this clean I’ll be stoked. Quick question though, why do people think it’s ok to fart in a room full of sleeping, or wishing they were sleeping people?

Hi from London

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On Monday Jono and I met up with my good friend from school, Mel. Mel has been living and working in London for a year and a half and I haven’t seen her in about 3 years! It was so awesome to catch up! We met her boyfriend Dean and escaped the snow and cold in a traditional English pub for a beer or two and lunch.


We chatted like not a day had gone past since we saw her last, she’s hilarious and it was great. Jono and I had grand plans to visit a museum after however the cold won and we snuggled back into the backpackers pub to kick back in the warmth. After dinner we ventured over to Shepard’s Bush on the underground for a pub quiz night with Mel and Dean and some of their Aussie friends – awesome fun and we won the quiz somehow.


I have decided a few things about the english people/cold living people over the last few days. 1. it would be really sucky to be a smoker and 2. having a baby in winter when you need to leave the house even occasionally would be really really sucky. You see people huddled on the pavement with no gloves on and red noses clutching a cigarette glancing longingly into the warm pub where their friends are and I pity them. It would be really good motivation to quit. Seeing people going for walks with their baby in a pram makes me think they are crazy. Could you possibly imagine how many layers you’d have to wrap your baby in to make it warm enough then I bet you’d step outside and it would poo and need changing. I will admit its taking me a few days to adjust to this business of wearing a thousand layers and stripping them off and on all day, going from freezing and snow to sweltering cafes and shops. But after doing a bit (a lot) of shopping for thermals etc I feel much better about life in the cold.


We went to the British Museum today and spent hours wandering around. This was my second visit but there are always new things to see and amazing things worth revisiting. What an incredible collection of awesome stuff. I loved the Egyptian area of course and Jono was fascinated by Lindow Man. Lindow man was a young man who lived around 2000 years ago and after he was killed was thrown into a peat bog to be forever immortalised as a leather man. He even made me take a photo which I will include for your viewing pleasure:




We’ve spent hours just walking around the centre of London, finding little alley ways. cute cafes and beautiful old buildings. This afternoon we spent some quality time in Marks and Spenser’s food hall – most awesome place ever. So thanks to their delicious looking fancy pre prepared meals we are off to have Lamb Rogan Josh with basmati rice and naans and an almond crossaint for dessert all for a grand price of 7 pound, winning.