Standing still is boring. Get outside!


Stockholm, splendid. Copenhagen, charismatic!‏

I guess it’s probably because the city’s have been getting bigger and bigger every time we travel, but they just keep feeling more and more alive! As soon as we arrived in Stockholm it just felt fun. There’s more going on, more visitors, more to see.

The Hostel we stayed in was really fun too, full of cool travellers. We had a great time just wandering the streets, cooking dinner in a full kitchen with about 4 different languages going on at any one time, and finding a great little tapas bar in the old city for desert and coffee.



PDA’s, Reindeer from a tube and Saunas


Our stay in Oslo was the first time we had used an place and it went pretty well! The room was cool and cheap (especially for Oslo) and Jan the host was really friendly. He gave us a map and told us of some good things to see in Oslo.

We were hoping to see ‘The Scream’ but unfortunately the Munch museum was closed, what a bum. So off we went for a very frosty walk along side a mostly frozen river interspersed with a few fairly random statues, including the below gem. When its cold out we can only assume from this statue that Norwegians love nothing more than to get naked and ride a moose…?