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Accommodation Review

ABC Hostel, Tromso – Review

The view from the hotel is outstanding this time of year. Everything covered in snow. The hotel is about 5mins walk up hill from the centre of town (‘Sentrum’ in Norwegian), which allows the view over buildings, ocean, ships and mountains.


In all honesty we chose the place because it was the cheapest thing we could find on the net from Australia. Not many websites for hotels up here are in English. It was still very expensive at AUD$140 per night for a two bed room with two single beds, a tv, small table, sink with mirror and shared toilet and shower with the other 6 rooms on our floor. The view from our window on the second floor looks straight out over the town toward the bridge.

The Hotel, as you will see in several other reviews for the place, is a weird mix of Hostel and Hotel. Obviously an expensive Hostel and cheap Hotel. There is a fully equipped kitchen (but no Fridge?) and a nice dining/sitting area. We were also able to use the washing machine and dryer free of charge in between the cleaner’s loads of bedding, etc. The wifi works well and the young staff are very helpful and friendly.

Obviously everything is very expensive in Scandinavia, but we were able to eat fairly cheaply. For example one night we cooked Salmon steaks (which made all the other guests pretty jealous) with chips and frozen vegies for about AUD$17 from the local Eurospar supermarket. If you ate at Burger King or similar, a small meal would set you back about AUD$25 each. So cooking at the hotel is definitely the go. The hotel offers a cold breakfast for NOK 50 each, but we just bought some cereal and milk for breakfasts.

We can confirm that the rumors about how visible the Aurora is right now are 100% correct. One night we walked about 20mins from the hotel up the bridge to grab some photos of the city by night and were rewarded with another magical display. Very cold, but very worth it.


A dog sled trip is also definitely worth the cost while your in Tromso. About AUD$300 per person.

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As you may have guessed this place is a little quirky. To be honest I haven’t stayed in many backpackers, but if 30% of travelling stories are true then this place is perfect!

It’s pretty small and has a pub down stairs off the street with three floors of rooms above. We stayed in a ten bed mixed dorm on the top floor for 4 nights, so the buns are tight thanks to the stairs. The top two floors only have one shower each, but even though our room was full I never waited for a shower. Could be coz we were up an into it pretty early, having continental breakie (which is included) by 8:30am most mornings. I did see one or two peeps wait maybe 5-10 mins to shower late in the morning.

It’s in a pretty rad location too. We walked to Oxford St most days, via  Leicester Sq, Parliament House, Big Ben, the Eye, Hyde Park, etc etc etc. At night when it wasn’t drizzling we walked down an checked out the Tower Bridge which was about a half hr journey each way. There are two tube stations within 500m, Waterloo and Lambeth North.

Staff were really nice and friendly and apart from one drunk unit at the bar, the guests were great too. We met travellers from Belgium, the States, Scotland, Germany and a few locals.

There is a small but functional kitchen and you can just eat at the tables in the little pub down stairs. We bought food from Sainsburies and M&S to cook for ourselves, but the M&S food was heat up only and was pretty good. We never spent more than £12 on dinner for two and spent as little as £4.


If all the backpackers we stay in are this good and this clean I’ll be stoked. Quick question though, why do people think it’s ok to fart in a room full of sleeping, or wishing they were sleeping people?