Standing still is boring. Get outside!



Icmeler and Pamukkale

small.IcmelerCruise10We had decided to head south to the beach to lap up the sun for a few days before leaving turkey. We needed to take the ferry from Marmaris to the Greek islands but really didn’t want to stay in such a tourist mecca. With that in mind we booked to stay at an awesome hotel on the beach in the next town called Icmeler. Our plan to avoid tourists failed miserably. While Icmeler was lovely and we enjoyed the beach there were tourists everywhere. It is seriously the English version of Thailand.


Selçuk, Just a mulberry tree or two from Ancient Ephesus

Ephesus4 - blog sized

photo-299You have genuine concern it’s not going to be a great stay when upon entering your hotel you step on a dog turd in the corridor and walk it all over the rug inside your room, only for the owner to say “oh terrible sorry” and just hang the rug outside on a railing. But when your paying 30euro a night for two people you can’t really complain and things did improve. Even if the shower head did fall on me a few times and there was only a bottom sheet on the bed with one itchy blanket. Luckily our travel towels make excellent light blankets on a warm Turkish evening. The Turkish breakfasts were pretty good here; omelet, fresh bread, tomato, cucumber, feta and olives. The hotel was super budget and actually called a Pension. Located a 5 minute walk out of the town centre in suburbia. An area with unit blocks, some with half missing roofs, tin Sheds and the odd tractor.


Eceabat and the Gallipoli Penninsula


We caught the morning bus here from Istanbul which took around 7 hours. The bus dropped us off in the tiny town of Eceabat and our hotel was literally 100ms away- stoked. We stayed at The Crowded House Hotel, supposedly an aussie run hotel though we didn’t see anyone who worked there who wasn’t Turkish, no matter. It’s pretty basic but also really cheap.


Istanbul, The Concrete Jungle


Istanbul is one crazy place. It’s on the european continent (unlike the majority of the country) but it is crazy like most big Asian cities. From our first experience to our last it was hilarious! 

Our first, a simple bus ride from the airport into the city. Only problem, they over filled the bus so when we got on there were no seats left. No worries we can just stand in the isle yeah? Apparently not. We were ordered off. Only concern was that the luggage doors were closed. I told them we weren’t getting off until they got our bags out. Probably because they did not want to think about going back in there considering how ‘well’ they packed everything, they weren’t sure what to do. Eventually after hoping on and off 3 separate times, we were allowed to stand haha. We stayed in an airbnb place near Taksim Square with a quiet little  local named Ozan. Pretty simple place in a very basic street with enough cats to swing a room. They were all pretty feral too. I accidentally patted one and contemplated amputation once I realised what I’d done. There was a cool little cafe up the street that did great coffee and even had Wi-Fi.