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Greece to Croatia Overland (or vice versa, Croatia to Greece)

We have just made the trek overland from Greece through Albania and Montenegro continuing on to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia . An amazing and fun trip we would definitely do again. Since transport information about this trip was hard to find and came from a number of sources we thought we would throw a few things down in one place to help anyone thinking of doing the same, or in reverse.


Beautiful, crazy, sad Bosnia

From Zablak we crossed the border into Bosnia and by mid arvo we were in Sarajevo the capital. We’d booked into a ‘hostel’ and the guy had sent us a very average map with a warning that it can be difficult to find. 3 hours and 2 buckets of sweat later we agreed with him. The most frustrating part about finally getting a taxi driver who knew were it was was that we had been about 1 street away several times.