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Beautiful, crazy, sad Bosnia

From Zablak we crossed the border into Bosnia and by mid arvo we were in Sarajevo the capital. We’d booked into a ‘hostel’ and the guy had sent us a very average map with a warning that it can be difficult to find. 3 hours and 2 buckets of sweat later we agreed with him. The most frustrating part about finally getting a taxi driver who knew were it was was that we had been about 1 street away several times.


Mountainous Montenegro – Kotor and Zablak

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One of our necessary pass times during this trip has been reading reviews for Hostels and Hotels. It is actually very funny what some people think you should know before staying somewhere. Here are a few actual examples. I have included the author’s name, as I believe they deserve all the credit for sharing these amazing insights:

Harry J – “the bed was a bit soft”

Jamie R – “one bathroom is entirely blue which is quite off putting whilst the other is the same colour as HP sauce”

Lucy S – “I don’t really understand, why everyone is saying that the breakfast is really nice. It was just toast with ham and cheese, jams, eggs, cornflakes and yoghurt. No fresh fruit, cheese, ham or vegetable. Anyway I would not stay again, cause the town is very boring and there is nothing to do.”

Doctor W – “This all would have been a 5 star review, but when it came to paying there was confusion on our part. We ended up paying twice as much for the room (we thought the quoted price was per person).”


Tirana, Albania?


After checking into the trip’n hostel in Tirana we left to wander the city. To our surprise everyone here is very well dressed and the young women are all really pretty! Don’t really know why we expected it to be a bit of a backward country but Albania has surprised us immensely – and pleasantly!


The Monasteries of Meteora


The train trip to Meteora was pretty slow.  Thanks to the old lady sitting behind me, who answered her phone at least 20 times, I think I could now have a phone conversation of my own in Greek. It pretty much goes something like “eh, darg darg, nehn, eh darg darg, neehn”.


Athens. What a sight to see, what a city alive.


After the ferry debacle and we finally got to Athens from Mykonos we made our way to Pagrati where we had booked an airbnb apartment. We were met by Kostas – the keenest host out there. It was late and we were sweaty, tired and hungry but he stayed and gave us a long run down on Athens – what to do and see. He even offered to take us on a tour of the area right then and there…we politely declined. He was awesome and super friendly!


The Beautiful Beaches of Mykonos


When we first arrived in Mykonos we weren’t sure exactly which port we had landed in, as there are two. So we wandered over to the motorbike hire shop, pretended to be interested and convinced the lady into giving us a map. Turns out we were at the one close to town, so we wandered into the town square looking for street signs to find our accommo. We also had to contact the owner to meet us there, as it was an apartment not a hotel. We asked at a few tobacco stands and finally found one that sold phone cards. When I explained what it was for, the lady just phoned them herself which worked a treat. We then wandered up some windy concrete stairs in search of the apartment. Half way up the hill the cutest little old lady (all hunched over as she shuffled along) pointed us in the right direction. It was a great spot right at the top of town.


Naxos, home of the nudes


After an amazing time in Santorini we caught the ferry to another Greek island for more of the same. Naxos is the largest of all the Cyclade islands and is also the greenest and most fertile. We loved it here! We’ve had an amazing relaxing beach holiday – within – a – holiday. Nothing to do all day except lie on the beach, go for walks and eat out every night. (more…)

Santorini is Santori-diculous


photo-333The ferry from Rhodes got us into Santorini port at 1:30am, so as soon as we arrived at our hostel a few minutes later, we passed out and woke up just in time to check out. We were only in this hostel for a night so we grabbed a bakery feed (thanks for the tip Karis, so much deliciousness) and headed to the black sand beach of Perissa while we waited for the next bus to Fira and our next hotel.


The Best Free View in Rhodes


On our way to Santorini we had a few hours stop over in Rhodes. Quite a pretty little port town with old city walls originally built in the 4th century BC. The streets outside the old walls are nothing special, but those inside are a great maze of alleyways, overpasses, bridges and tunnels.