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Sorrento, Sei Così Bella

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When you know a place is dodgy, you see everything from that perspective and your head can run away from you thinking the worst. That is exactly what it was like on the train through Naples to Sorrento. We felt like we were about to be robbed at any moment and that everyone who walked past us was in fact a pickpocket. It didn’t help being circled by a couple of motley guys on the platform, but it was a local who let us know we were on the wrong train and how to change to the right one, after Heidi yelled out “Sorrento here we come”, and he said “no”. Even if it did mean getting off at an abandoned station.


Roma, the eternal city of love, fountains and the seven hills of splendor.


Feeling surprisingly spritely after sleeping on a bench for 6 hours we hopped off the overnight ferry and found a cafe. This was harder than you’d imagine for some reason nothing was open! Eventually after leaving our bags at the train station we spied a little cafe down a side street. Nobody spoke English and none of us really spoke a word of Italian.