Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Peniche, Portugal’s Surf Side

penichecover - IMG_8364

The bus trip North was an easy one with no connections. The countryside was pretty barren and dry. When we arrived at Peniche we were able to be picked up and given a lift to our apartment with our airbnb host, Marco. He was a really nice guy and joked about Aussies and their long holidays “I hate Australians, do they ever work?”

peniche - IMG_8381After dumping our stuff into our cool one bedroom unit, we wandered to a nearby cafe for a bite of lunch. Then we rode into town to check the little place out and grab some supermarket stuff. We hadn’t really thought about how much stuff we should buy. The result of which was a very funny ride home laden with shopping! We had bags on both handles and even carried a bog bag of coal fire bbq fuel. It was pretty chilly by the time we made it home, so we stayed at the apartment and had a coal fired bbq feed. Then did some Israel trip planning. The planning got us both pretty excited to see Andy and the Suze in Israel in just a few days time.

peniche - IMG_8371

I made an early start and went for a big ride next morning headed south along the coast and then back up into town. I checked out Supertubos, where the waves were almost ankle high. Couldn’t believe I’d ridden 30km by the time I got home.

Clare was chatting to Karis when I got home which was fun. After a bite we went for an afternoon ride down to Baleal and had a drink at the beach bar where we watched the sun set over the water and watched the waves pick up a little for the first time. Once the sun was gone it was a bit cold again so we just rode home for dinner.peniche - IMG_8357peniche - IMG_8347

peniche - IMG_8338We were up and straight to the beach next morning for a swim in the beautiful but freezing water. We ducked home for lunch then it was straight back to the beach. In the arvo we cooked sausages and aubergine on the open bbq for a picnic dinner and rode off through town to an awesome view spot sitting on the rocks. The picnic dinner was delicious and we had a few local fishermen on the rocks with us too. The ride home in the dark was fun too.peniche - IMG_8400peniche - IMG_8398peniche - IMG_8391

peniche - IMG_8385It was a late start when we rode to Supertubos to see the ankle high waves rise to knee high. We warmed up in the sun for a while then rode on into town to have lunch and send a couple of post cards. On the ride home we stopped for a peak at a squatter camp in the middle of town. It was pretty rough, with most houses built from at least 4-5 different materials including tin, timber, tarpaulin, plastic, brick and even doors just used as cladding. Most of the ten or so shacks had cars parked out front though.

peniche - IMG_8413

peniche - IMG_8428After another lazy afternoon and a bit of trip planning we went for a few sunset drinks on the rocks and conveniently left the cameras at home so we could really sit back and just enjoy it. We found a great little spot sitting on a little rock ledge to sip a drink or two and share some dip and crackers.

peniche - IMG_8427After ridding for ten minutes to get there, we were pretty gutted to find the place we wanted to eat at for dinner was shut for the season. We still had an ok but expensive dinner back down near the water. Restaurants that slip stuff on your table and then charge you for it really do our head in though. First world problems, they follow you everywhere. Lucky the octopus I had was pretty sensational!

We were both a bit bummed to leave Portugal. It has such an easy going, laid back vibe and the people are that way too. We were packed up, had walked the 3km and were on the bus to Lisbon by 9am. After a quick bus change we were at the airport and awaiting our flight to Israel.

peniche - IMG_8431

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