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Granada, Tapas Capital of the World

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By the time we had dropped the kids off (not by the pool), then found our accommodation (which included me running off to find wifi to call the owner and confirm her unit number, which Clare enjoyed a lot, except the opposite) we were smashed. So we just grabbed some pizza from across the road and passed out.

Next morning we did a little trip planning so weren’t out and about until 11, Jem was going stir crazy, but still had to make us wait while he hung his clothes out? He’s getting to be so domesticated these days. He better hope his mum doesn’t read this! Or it may have just been another excuse to chat up our cute Spanish host, Carmen.

gblog - IMG_6887We wandered out to meet the others at the Cathedral and all headed up to the Alhambra, which is an old Muslim palace. On the way we bought some morocco pants, as apparently shorts are not worn there by blokes and definitely not ladies. At the Alhambra, after much confusion we found an English speaker to explain how the tickets work, and went and had a tapas lunch to fortify us for the wanderings ahead! The restaurant was pretty fun, full of locals and tapas for €1 a plate. We ordered about three plates each and were given an odd mix of things we did and didn’t order, along with a dozen 200ml beers which all disappeared quite quickly.

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The Alhambra is a really amazing palace. It has a great view over the city and is so intricately built. We took our time and wandered through the maze of buildings for over an hour. gblog - IMG_6948





Then there were the gardens to explore. We found a huge hedge garden and had a good laugh hiding from poor Chloe for a good half hour or so. I thought it would be funny to change into my new pants without talking to anyone, turns out the joke was on me as they were totally see through.

gblog - IMG_6955gblog - IMG_6961gblog - IMG_6964gblog - IMG_6977On the walk back into town we stopped for a couple of Spanish free pour rums in the main square, then walked to a cool sunset view spot back up the hill. We were all sitting on a big wall with about 50 randoms, when we noticed this disturbing old dude who we dubbed ‘grabby’, as he was sneaking up behind girls and grabbing them on the bum.

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The sunset over the palace was pretty cool. From here Matthew suggested we grab a 1lt roadie, as we wandered to a great fire roasted dinner for Jem’s last meal. After a long day luckily the food was better than the conversation.

A late start was fitting as a parting gift for Jem, but we were sipping coffee by 930. When the kids eventually met us at the cathedral we all wandered the shops till it was time to say our goodbyes to Jemry. Oddly it was actually a bit sad to see the big fella go after a full and crazy month together.

gblog - IMG_6980gblog - IMG_7014We decided to drown our sorrows with a tapas lunch at an amazing place called Babel. The food was so good; we even ordered more food once we’d eaten the free lot that came with our beer. It was a huge falafel tower, which Matty and Chloe destroyed while Jizz, Clare and I just looked on in amazement. Now that they were full we went to another tapas spot for the rest of us to eat hahaha.

gblog - IMG_7015All that eating tired us out, so it was siesta time.  Later Jizz and I went for a wander to find the cricket. Spaniards aren’t that into the ashes believe it or not and we couldn’t find any, so went Tapas hopping instead. Three simple rules; 1 – we had to only order a beer and just see what else turned up, 2 – we couldn’t mention tapas or food of any kind, 3 – we had to eat whatever was served up. It was awesome and we scored four from four and got to eat both the most delicious of hams and the most disturbing of gristle finger sausages!?

Once we’d had our fill (again) we met others for some dessert. Churros and one more hit of tapas, haha. Then it was off to bed before midnight for the first time since we left Bosnia over a month ago.

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We really loved Granada. it has such a relaxed vibe to it and is a really easy going, fun city. Having a few tips from Jared and Jenny made it that little bit better too!

Next morning was the start of our 40hrs of transit starting with the 645am train. Not that fun, but the adventure continues!

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