Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Mallorca and the party people of Santa Ponsa


After a very short and uneventful flight we landed on the Spanish island of Mallorca! Upon landing the whole aircraft burst into applause, I’d been asleep and it made me feel as though I’d missed something. Had there been, at any stage, a strong possibility we weren’t going to make it??


A few buses later we checked into our airbnb house, a sweet spot in the yacht club with a pool and personal space! That arvo everyone came over to ours for a bevvie and a swim in the pool. The boys played pool ball games for hours while us girls went for a wander down the beach and possibly the worst iced coffee I’ve ever ordered.

That night Jono in particular wanted to celebrate being in ‘Spain’ by eating tapas. We had a few cocktails (ridiculously cheap and almost everything you order comes with a shot) to fortify ourselves then went on the walking tour of destiny looking for tapas. After traipsing round most of Santa Ponsa there was no tapas to be found only an incredibly stressed Jono. We ended up at a fun, delicious (if not cheap) restaurant and had a great meal with the team. Steveo disappeared at one stage and returned with the below hat to distract Jono from his ‘restaurant finding responsibility stress’ woes. True brotherly love.


The first ashes test match is now in action, therefore, the boys were out of action. A full day of cricket watching/beer drinking (can they do one without the other?) was enjoyed by them while us girls (less Alex, a confused cricket tragic??) had a great day chatting, sunbathing, eating, swimming and doing stuff all.


1005729_10151564793585897_535302866_n(Photo from Jessie Russell)

To do most of the above Chloe, Heidi and I snuck into Jess and Tara’s lovely resort and pretended we weren’t backpackers for the day. Not sure if we fooled anyone though seeing as our discussions by the pool involved a lot of immatureness, snorts and loud laughter. One particularly interested man kept swimming tighter and tighter breaststroke circles while straining to hear about what really did happen in the Turkish baths.



(Above photo from Jess Russell)

That night was Tom and Alex’s last night with us before flying home! 😦 We were going to go out for a mad Spanish feed (surprisingly difficult to find thanks to the english tourists) but came across a delicious Chinese restaurant and didn’t get any further! As we wont be seeing them for Jono’s big birthday this year it was tom and ally’s awesome birthday dinner for jono. He was very thankful for the dinner, but less thankful for the present that came with it… It was a gift that kept on giving though, as it was hidden in Heidi’s handbag for the night and eventually travelled to Germany in Jazz’s suitcase! He wasnt stoked to find it when he arrived, but at least he knows why the luggage security scanner man was winking at him.

Santa Ponsa promenade was probably the funniest/most cringe inducing/ridiculous people watching I have had the pleasure of observing lately. We sat outside a bar and drank Sangria while the world went by… Well not really the world, mostly 17-21 year old Geordie shore wannabes. It was hilarious. At one stage a group of 8 slightly pudgy girls wearing fluro lime green skimpy cut undies came back-flipping down the street. Yes literally flipping. Quite a feat considering they couldn’t walk straight! And then there was a skinny white chav with a neck tattoo who wanted a biff with us after Matty laughed in his face. He probably hadn’t done the math, him being one small dude and us a group of 13 but he continued to harass us in an incredibly bogan accent culminating with him climbing the stairs to the late night tattoo parlour next door and flashing us his wang, while we laughed even harder. Joke was on Matty through when later he had some weird change of heart and came to apologise, explaining about how once he’d been stabbed In the ear (not sure what relevance this had) and wanted to shake matts hand. Thought I’d wait till he was gone before pointing out to matt the hand he shook was the hand he’d been using to wave his willy at us haha! What a crazy place.


T and A caught the early flight off the island. Really sad to see them go, but stoked we had the week and a half together! The next day Steve, Jess, Nath, Tara and Jem explored the island while the rest of us got some trip planning done, packed up and left for mainland Spain!


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