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Sorrento, Sei Così Bella

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When you know a place is dodgy, you see everything from that perspective and your head can run away from you thinking the worst. That is exactly what it was like on the train through Naples to Sorrento. We felt like we were about to be robbed at any moment and that everyone who walked past us was in fact a pickpocket. It didn’t help being circled by a couple of motley guys on the platform, but it was a local who let us know we were on the wrong train and how to change to the right one, after Heidi yelled out “Sorrento here we come”, and he said “no”. Even if it did mean getting off at an abandoned station.

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After the sweat box of a train the walk in the heat to our hostel was just bearable, but finding the pool closed for the night was pretty disappointing. So we had a bite of wood fired pizza and headed out for a couple beers. After a significant amount of walking, mostly my fault, we downed a couple of 3 litre beer towers as you do. Along with a tequila or two which were equally as fun.

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That night, the five of us staying in the 6 bed hostel room (Tom, Alex, Heidi, Clare and I) enjoyed our first experience with the poor soul in bed 6, or what we dubbed, the departure lounge. We called it the departure lounge because no one stayed there longer than a night and they were all a little odd. The first guy wouldn’t speak to anyone and changed rooms the next morning, the second guy complained that his girlfriend wasn’t in his room and kept turning the AC off. Then there was the 24yo diamond dealer from Belgium who Heidi spotted sneaking into the shower in the nude at night, and finally my personal favourite; ‘the dude with no bags’. He arrived at 12am and was gone by 8am with just an iPad and shoes, but no luggage.

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For our first day in Sorrento we enjoyed a lazy day by the pool and explored the views along the cliff tops before a bus trip to Positano to finally get the whole crew together! 14 of us in all. 11 less the kids, who left once they were put on a different table.

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So much fun hanging out. We all enjoyed having a confused dinner, where entre and mains were interchanged and some people received both before others had eaten a bite. Then we ducked off to wait for the very late bus ride home at midnight.

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Stupidly we were all up at the crack for the train next day to Pompeii to walk and walk and walk in the heat! During our wander we found an off limits area with the door left open, so we snuck in. Only the next day did we realise Jared, Chloe and Matt aka the kids (who were there before us that morning on their own after dropping Jem at the airport who went to Pamplona for the ‘running of the bulls’) had moved the gate and left it open. We also had a go at reenacting the tragedy that befell the great city. Unfortunately Alex didn’t quite understand the detailed script. blog - Pompeii3blog - Pompeii1

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Back in Sorrento and wanting to cool off we wandered to the beach for the afternoon, but €12 sun beds weren’t our kinda fun, so we walked the crazy mission to the camping beach where the kids were staying. So beautiful, we had stax a fun jumping off the cliffs and playing catches. Then the life guard asked us to stop jumping so we went to a higher cliff around the corner out of sight which was pretty fun. To avoid the walk home we waited 40mins for a bus that never arrived then had to walk anyway. We got home, grabbed a quick bite and crashed.

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blog - Capri5blog - Capri9We had all booked into a boat trip around beautiful Capri for the next day. When we rocked up at the marina the boat owner told us that 12 of us would be in one boat and 1 in the other, but after a light bit of chit chat with him he agreed we should all ride in the one boat, which we thought was a great idea. Even though he told us one person would have to hide in the gully if we saw the coast guard. So began one of the greatest days of our trip so far! So much fun! The first swimming stop was beautiful, with clear light blue water. blog - Capri12We were there for a few minutes when Jess got acquainted with a local jellyfish (not that fun). Then minutes later  Tom and Jared screamed so load we thought they’d seen a shark, but nope, just a octopus. Back on the boat our young Italian driver was telling us about the sex beach behind a big rock formation. He was then very confused to see Matty and Jared swim to it? Luckily they had just spotted a fun little cliff jump spots. It was the first of many and as we cruised around the island we found great new spots to jump. Jared tried landing sitting down. Not his best idea. It was awesome just all hanging out together on the boat. To be honest it couldn’t have been better.

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blog - Capri7blog - Capri6For lunch we made a quick visit to Anacapri. A few of us found a nice view spot for a pic. When it was time to head back on the bus Steveo, totally oblivious to the fact that not everyone would fit on the bus just joined the end of the line like a good citizen. It took about four goes at it to explain that it was a matter of jump the que or miss the bus. Matty and Jared then tested their negotiation skills with the bus driver on the way back to see if we could get all the way to the marina on one ticket. Needless to say, we walked down from Capri to the marina.

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That afternoon there was a progressive height increase of the cliff jumps until the crescendo, at about 15m. We rocked up at Sorrento just as an arvo storm was rolling in.

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That night after we had obliterated Facebook’s news feed with Capri magic, we got together for a nice little meeting and to send a very special birthday song to Karis. Nath and Jared both wanted no part in it for some strange reason?


blog2 - IMG_6562blog2 - IMG_6561Next morning after a spot of trip planning, it was off for a bite of delicious pasta on the cliff face and a dash to the train. An icypole or two kept us cool for the first 2 minutes of the trip and we sweated for the next hour. Again we experienced the craziness of Napoli but sadly it was in Roma late in the afternoon that Heidi had her phone pick pocketed on a busy bus.  Pretty ironic that she was only saying that morning that she has been travelling for a long time now without losing anything or having had anything stolen. Not the cleverest human.

blog2 - IMG_6575Once we helped Heids deal with the devastation of losing a piece of her soul we were able to have a laugh at Alex’s expense when we arrived at the accommodation she had arranged and felt like she had put us in an abandoned getto building. Luckily her pain didn’t last long as it was actually a clean hostel in a nice area near the water that worked perfectly for the flight next morning! Turned out to be a great location for some stupid photo fun too!

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Later we headed to a Police Station to file a theft report but no-one there spoke any English. Originally the officer suggested Heidi’s and my’s reenactment was dancing, but eventually realised what we were on about. So after a stroll we grabbed a schnitty from a German pub and made our way home for a few hours shut-eye.

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