Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Roma, the eternal city of love, fountains and the seven hills of splendor.


Feeling surprisingly spritely after sleeping on a bench for 6 hours we hopped off the overnight ferry and found a cafe. This was harder than you’d imagine for some reason nothing was open! Eventually after leaving our bags at the train station we spied a little cafe down a side street. Nobody spoke English and none of us really spoke a word of Italian.

We’d had an American guy with us and we sat a sipped coffee and chatted for ages. Eventually we wandered to town for lunch. Jono and Jeremy were in a shop when they saw the waitress from the ferry who had served Jeremy his birthday cupcake the night before! Jem didn’t recognise her and thinking she worked in the shop asked her how much a shirt was. The happy birthday lady says much to Jem’s horror ‘oh birthday boy’!


After a fun and chilled day shopping and eating in Ancona we caught the afternoon train to Rome. We were staying in an airbnb apartment here and we knew we’d be the last ones in for the day. It was so exciting to knock on the door and have it open to a whole room of friends!!! It felt so good to see everyone!! 3After many hugs we all wandered down the street for dinner. We had a delicious and authentic Italian meal and a lot of laughs! Jono spent a good deal of time running around trying to find Wi-Fi to let jess and Steve know where we were eating only to have Steve reply that while he appreciated knowing where we were eating he wasn’t even in the country.




Doing the tick list of famous roman monuments and sites began with earnest our first day. We all met at the Spanish steps where Jono decided to help Jem on his quest for a photo with a hot European. He asked a blonde girl if she would like a photo with his friend, in his most patronizing pigeon English of course…”you like photo with my friend”, to which she replied, “yeh I am from Melbourne, but I can have a photo with your mate if you like”.


It was awesome fun walking the city with the crew! There are 10 of us with 4 more to arrive. Matt, Jared, Chloe, tom, Alex, Heidi, Jared and Jem.

Rome1.fbAt the Colosseum we declined the man spruking tours outside the gate and ducked inside. I have been here before and was so excited for jono and everyone else to see it!! Jem felt he had picked up enough ‘facts’ about the coliseum in the 5 mins wed been inside so he called the group to gather round and told us in a booming voice all about Sequella and his conquests. He also had an American accent during his time as a guide which for some reason didn’t go down too well with an American dude sitting in the shade listening. He asked Alex if Jeremy had brown eyes as he was full of sh$*! Ha!


The Trevi fountain was beautiful even if we had to share it with 1000 other sweaty tourists. It was so hot in the city gelato was required and a visit to the pantheon for cool shade. Pretty awesome building!


We found a really cool little cafe round the corner from our apartment and frequented it every morning for a hit of caffeine and Wi-Fi. that arvo we grabbed another coffee and we introduced the others to the amazingness that is a cappuccino freddo! The end of a happy day requires a roast in Jeremyland and so Jem, jono and Heidi whipped up an amazing roast dinner, while outside the other boys were being menaces. they sat on top of the apartment block gate and yelled sleazy Italian to any female who walked by. Since their Italian is seriously limited it usually extended to ciao bella with a bit of Spanish chucked in for good measure. señorita, so pretty!


That night Jem, ally, me tom and Heidi watched Gladiator, squished up on the girls bed. It’s So nice to be with everyone again!


Jess and Steve arrived on our second day! It’s been one year since we saw them last and we’d been so keen to spend some time with them!! After the obligatory morning coffee we set out to see Roma with them. We popped in at Peter’s square and Jeremy got a photo with a woman Jono had dubbed ‘nun in the sun’. He also got a photo taken with a Korean man who gave him a fan as a gift. He literally gave Jem the fan and ran away. As the square is quite sizeable we could see him running for some time…



A very funny lunch with the family and Jem was had before a stroll up one of Romes 7 hills for a view. What a cool city. That afternoon we met up with Derek and Trish, Jono’s uncle and his wife, as they are also holidaying around Rome! Jono saw them before they saw him. As you may know this is not a situation you wish to find yourself in. Derek was standing at the bottom of the Spanish steps surrounded by people. Jono crept right up behind him and snatched his bag off his shoulder! Derek Almost punched him which Jono found hilarious however by an unfortunate turn of events Derek had just had his wallet stolen only hours before!

Our last night in Rome we all met up at a tapas and cocktail bar called fluid. It was awesome, delicious cocktails and once you bought one you could eat as much food as you wanted 🙂 (backpacker heaven – the kids (Jared, Matt and Chloe) took full advantage of this).


Before we left Rome the next day Jono and I had a few hours just us so we wandered around and found a park in which to picnic. Oh happy day!


Next stop the Amalfi coast!

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