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The Beautiful Beaches of Mykonos


When we first arrived in Mykonos we weren’t sure exactly which port we had landed in, as there are two. So we wandered over to the motorbike hire shop, pretended to be interested and convinced the lady into giving us a map. Turns out we were at the one close to town, so we wandered into the town square looking for street signs to find our accommo. We also had to contact the owner to meet us there, as it was an apartment not a hotel. We asked at a few tobacco stands and finally found one that sold phone cards. When I explained what it was for, the lady just phoned them herself which worked a treat. We then wandered up some windy concrete stairs in search of the apartment. Half way up the hill the cutest little old lady (all hunched over as she shuffled along) pointed us in the right direction. It was a great spot right at the top of town.


IMG_5428 - blog



Clare of course had researched another “walk” for us in Mykonos. Turns out it was more of a crazy overland adventure.  Clare again tells me it’s just a few hours and “yeh you’ll be fine in thongs”!? It was all going well until we had to climb the side of a hill alongside the occasional goat and donkey as well as a ridiculous amount of the spikiest damn bushes! 

IMG_5419 - blog

IMG_5421 - blogAgain though, I have to say it was pretty worth it when we rocked up at a beautiful little beach and crystal clear water with only 5-6 other people on it. It was a great way to see the island too, wandering through farmland, down little back streets, following rock wall passageways. We even had a nice lunch at a Taverna and being the povvo traveller’s we asked for a jug of tap water to quench our considerable thirst. The woman paused for a few moments before realising what we’d asked for, cracking up laughing and saying “no no no, you must not drink the tap water on the islands, I will get you some bottled water”. We waited until she left the table before we discussed the unfortunate reality that we have been drinking island tap water for over a week. No short term side effects to report as yet. 

On the walk to the next beach to find the bus home we got a little lost and wandered through a few people’s backyards and fields, climbed a few fences and eventually reached the beach. We had an hour to wait for the bus so we lay in the sun on the sand. We’d been lying there for a good few minutes before Clare realised she was actually in undies, not bikini bottoms. Lucky they weren’t too nice and lacy! 

IMG_5610 - blog

We wanted to see a bit more of the island so the following day we hired a scooter to do some exploring. Clare was a bit sus on the scooter idea, but I assured her they were totally safe. As we headed up the hill and rounded the first corner, we heard a yell and looked to watch a dude coming the other way sliding across the road with his scooter skidding along next to him. Ok, maybe not totally safe.


The island was pretty stunning, and in summer would be such a crazy party island. We headed to “Super Paradise Beach”; so good it gets two adjectives. An yeh it was pretty super. Day beds, bars, awesome music, white sand, crystal blue water.  Sweet spot for a party. We drove to a few more beaches, they were all pretty magic, but I think the one from the day before still trumped em all. 

Mykonos4 - blog

That night we headed back to an outdoor cinema that we’d rocked up to the night before, only to find the movie was in Greek. This time it was Les Miserables, in English. A musical so I probably would have preferred the Greek movie, nah it was ok.


photo-340Next morning we had a slight dilemma. Ferry left at 2:15pm but State of Origin started at 1pm. So how to watch it and catch the ferry? We found the perfect solution. We set up at a little restaurant with a view of the port. Since every ferry we have caught in Greece has been late, we could just stream the footy until we see the ferry arrive. Unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t let you use a computer unless you are inside, not out on the deck. We still thought we had an ok view. At 2:10 and half time in the footy, we decided we better wander over to the port, and as we left the restaurant we watched the ferry (previously obscured from view) pull out from the port a few minutes before it was due to arrive. We were shattered. Turns out the jet boat was running late and still had seats, so we forked out the 100euro, grimacing heavily and headed to the other port. Think the bus that took us there was the slowest in history; we were sure we’d miss the jet boat too. But, we didn’t.

2 responses

  1. Adam

    How good is that water colour!

    June 10, 2013 at 10:55 pm

  2. Barbie

    Love that little white lacy dress/bathers Clare! And did you get to share your Aussie style first aid with the poor fellow who skidded across the road minus his bike? I bet that was a huge holiday moment for him.

    June 20, 2013 at 6:56 am

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