Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Santorini is Santori-diculous


photo-333The ferry from Rhodes got us into Santorini port at 1:30am, so as soon as we arrived at our hostel a few minutes later, we passed out and woke up just in time to check out. We were only in this hostel for a night so we grabbed a bakery feed (thanks for the tip Karis, so much deliciousness) and headed to the black sand beach of Perissa while we waited for the next bus to Fira and our next hotel.

We had no idea that within a few hours the rest of our trip would be totally ruined! Peter and Gail (Clare’s folks) surprised us with three days of absolute luxury in the Agnadema Appartments. The double room would have been amazing, the upgrade to a two storey apartment was unbelievable! Sadly we have now experienced the highlight of our trip and it is likely all future experiences will now pale into insignificance.

Santorini6 - blog


photo-323Partly to recover from the shock, partly to enjoy the view, we lay by the pool all afternoon and had a drink on our deck while we watched the amazing sunset, till it was kebab o’clock. It was very pretty funny leaving our amazing hotel and going in search of a cheap eat. We felt like we should be eating in an expensive restaurant.

We found a kebab for 3euro then headed to a taverna and watched the champions’ league football final with some random old Germans. They were pretty passionate humans, which made for a good laugh.

Next morning we picked ourselves up a road hog (quad bike) and explored the island. We saw some great stuff including the white walled town of Pyrgos. The poor little beast didn’t like carting the both of us uphill, so we headed straight for the top of the island for a fantastic view of the entire island and even a few ruins of ancient Thira.

Santorini13 - blog

photo-327From here we headed to the other end of the island and the town of Oia. We had lunch with a view and Clare took on a whole squid, which was pretty impressive. We also tried and loved Santorini’s specialty tomato fritters. To finish another magic day we headed to Santo Winery and watched the sun set with a wine tasting plate. The wine was surprisingly nice; the experience was unsurprisingly even


Next day we had a lazy one by the pool and had a chat with mum and dad (who we hadn’t spoken to in a while and are meeting us in Israel and Egypt in September) and Jem (who meets us in Croatia in three weeks). Sounds and vision quality was very clear for those interested haha.


That afternoon we made up for our lazy morning and hiked to Oia. It took 3hrs, not the two Clare had mentioned when she suggested the idea. I almost didn’t make it, only the cost of the cabs here kept me going. But I have to say the views were pretty redic. As soon as we arrived we headed down the stairs to swim at Amoundi Bay and had the place to ourselves which was magic, even if I was too scared to swim more than a few meters from the rocks.



photo-331The donkey ride back up the hill was genuinely one of the funniest things. It was so bumpy and they literally ran up the stairs (well, when the bloke with the big stick got close they did anyway). Here’s a little video: The sunset from here was the best of the three and we had it all to ourselves. Ok not quite to ourselves, we did share it with a few friends haha, the place was chokas!photo-329photo-328photo-330

The next day Clare felt as though she hadn’t punished her body enough and climbed Skaros rock. I felt quite the opposite so lay by the pool.

By lunch it was time to come crashing back down to reality and head back to the old hostel for one more night. The place was ok, but for some reason we both had a terrible nights sleep. Clearly not a party island we were the only ones about at 4am when we were sat in the hostel common area on the wifi together eating a bag of mixed cookies from the 24hr bakery. Luckily my important business meeting for the next day was cancelled so we lay by the pool until it was time to hit the ferry in the arvo.

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