Standing still is boring. Get outside!

The Best Free View in Rhodes


On our way to Santorini we had a few hours stop over in Rhodes. Quite a pretty little port town with old city walls originally built in the 4th century BC. The streets outside the old walls are nothing special, but those inside are a great maze of alleyways, overpasses, bridges and tunnels. 


The main streets are filled with cafes, restaurants and shops selling typical holiday crap. The old, “why sell something new and exciting when I can just sell what the guy three shops down is selling”. 



After a quick supermarket feed, I decided to leave Clare on the little beach above with some disturbing literature (if you can make out the blurry words top right page “Kill Me If You Can”), and head out in search of one of my favourite things. A view! So I made my way from the port to the old city and wandering aimlessly I came to a big fountain, from there I figured uphill was a good idea (boy genius) so I turned left up through a tight little


As I walked up the alley a few motorbikes came absolutely flying past. The noise scared me, so I was temped to pretend to step out in front of them and give them a similar joy. After crossing a few speed humps and ducking under one more building over the alley I took the next


As I continued up the street I found this little restaurant with a sign that gave me some reassurance I was in a good location. “100% view guarantee”. Being a povvo traveller I decided to avoid their 10euro coffee and turn left up the hill instead. photo-318


As it happens I was very richly rewarded with this awesome little gem of a building. Old and well weathered I decided to risk it’s rubble-y stairs. It was totally worth it! Only two palm trees interrupted the view from the old walls to the harbour! 




One response

  1. barbie

    Did this mission to find the highest non touristy point for the best view begin with the 4 year old Jonno’s little blond head poking out of the foliage at the very top of the highest tree in the pre-school grounds, checking out the possibilities for adventure, face wearing a grin as wide as all outdoors? I can just see it!

    June 3, 2013 at 2:07 am

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