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Icmeler and Pamukkale

small.IcmelerCruise10We had decided to head south to the beach to lap up the sun for a few days before leaving turkey. We needed to take the ferry from Marmaris to the Greek islands but really didn’t want to stay in such a tourist mecca. With that in mind we booked to stay at an awesome hotel on the beach in the next town called Icmeler. Our plan to avoid tourists failed miserably. While Icmeler was lovely and we enjoyed the beach there were tourists everywhere. It is seriously the English version of Thailand.


I reckon that if they could, retiree Pommies would like to take their entire home with them when they travel, just so there aren’t any surprises and everything can be just like it is when they’re in England but about twenty degrees warmer. No offence Nett (this doesn’t include you). But the Poms on holiday in Marmaris and Icmeler did Our heads in. A heap of them never left their hotels and when they did they went up the street for fish, chips and buttered bread. Of the 3,400 restaurants in Icmeler we found two Turkish restaurants. Everyone else was in front of their restaurant speaking with a fake English accent and inviting you in for English breakfast, cups of tea or roast dinners all priced in pounds. Coming from places like Eceabat this joint was so un-Turkish you barely knew you were there.

We’d got in around lunch time so Jono headed off to book us a boat trip and I lay on beach all afternoon, bliss. All was going swimmingly until a group of Russians arrived and planted themselves down right next to me. They were all wearing very small and very high speedos. They sat so close to me I thought they’d come over for a chat. Personal space doesn’t really exist on beaches here.


Icmeler isn’t exactly a party town as evidenced by the photo below. I think we were the youngest people in this whole town. It was definitely beautiful though and swimming in the crystal blue water on a day long boat trip around the islands was stunning. There was these 2 hilarious old welsh ladies on board and one of them told us all the things she loved about Australia from her visit. Especially the pedestrian crossings that count down your crossing time in flashing lights which neither of us have ever seen In Aus.



Another day we wanted to go see Pamukkale so we booked on a day trip as it was the easiest way to get there. The tour guide was pretty annoying and insisted on taking us all to an onyx factory on the way. For a whole hour. Pretty funny, lunch was included and it was this huge tourist buffet restaurant where just about every tour bus in the region stopped and Jono and I both got fairly ill from eating the food.

On the tour there was this hilarious black, fakie Chris Gayle English guy and his family. We shared a massive laugh when these Russian guys stopped him and asked for a photo of him…because he was black!! He said he’s been asked heaps!?


When we finally made it to pamukkale in the afternoon The tour dude told us all not to put the chalky mud on our skin. He said heaps of people did thinking it was good for your skin but he said you can get fungus from it (because of so many bare foot visitors walking in it)! So as we are lying there all these people around us started rubbing this stuff on their faces and bodies. Hahah classic.


Pamukkale was beautiful and the contrast between the colours and the terrain is amazing! After seeing Ephesus no ruins seem to compare, we went to Hieropolis but there really isn’t much to see. Beautiful spot on the top of the hill though.


it was a really long coach ride home and flat tire delay wasn’t greatly appreciated but when we did eventually get home at 9pm the kebab (our most delicious one yet) and watermelon on the deserted beach definitely made up for it. Magic.

Ben, Chloe, Heidi and Carmen were all staying at the beach in France so we had a Skype catch up which was as usual hilariously funny. Can’t believe we didn’t get to see those guys! Next stop: Santorini!


2 responses

  1. barbie

    Dear Jono & Clare,

    Just last week, a friend from my aerobics class left to meet up with her English cousins, for a holiday on the Turkey coast, so there are MORE coming! She said they all used to go to Mayorca before the costs (of fish & chips & cups of tea) went up! Beware! The Poms have bought up holiday properties on Malta for the same reason.

    Armchair travelling around Europe with yr emails is so fun; thx for the time you make to tap them out! You are introducing me to places previously unheard of. Haven’t made it to the Greek Islands yet, so can’t wait!

    Much love, stay safe, Barbie

    May 30, 2013 at 7:28 am

  2. haha well we are headed to Mallorca in a few weeks, so hopefully there aren’t as many there! The Turkish coast was definitely cheaper than anywhere that beautiful we have been before!

    May 31, 2013 at 8:12 am

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