Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Soorts-Hossegor, Europe’s Premier Surf Destination


As soon as we arrived at the Hossegor Surf Hostel we chucked our bags in the room and hit the beach. It wasn’t the warmest day but it was so good to see the ocean again. The hostel was nice and the owner is a champion, but it is a bit of a man cave! photo-259He is super relaxed and friendly, but this laid back approach clearly influences all aspects of his life. The place has good facilities, but it gets cold at night and wasn’t real clean. One bloke left his mash potato and sausages in the pot on the stove for two days haha, pretty gross. Seeing what the three other back packers were cooking (and leaving lying around) for dinner each night actually made us realise we are fully eating like kings for povvo travellers really. Smoked Salmon pasta, lamb and prune tagine with couscous haha, not the most economical meals. Sometimes you can waste a lot of time looking for a descent shop too, as we did one afternoon where we ended up walking about 10km through Capbreton, only for it to start raining halfway back. Ah well good excuse to stop for coffee. 

The surf eventually cleaned its act up by the second full day, so I headed to the beach early with a cool German chick, Daniela, at the hostel (one very laid back citizen, who has just returned from a 7 month solo trip around South America. I dead set reckon one of her legs could catch on fire and she wouldn’t be worried about it). We got some fun little waves at Hossegor that morning and Estagnots the following day too. Water temp was a lively 15′ though, so the wettie was well appreciated. 




The first hot and sunny day Clare and I hired bikes and rode up the coast for about 15km along a nice bike track, had a sleep on the beach, ice cream in the sun and then rode home for some happy hour bevvies. We also celebrated a truly momentous occasion, the first bottle of sunscreen! We checked out a really cool surf photo exhibition too. This one was my fave coz it just reminds you of that horrible feeling when your paddling into a big wave and you don’t know if your gunna get over or under it in time! photo-265photo-261

photo-263We celebrated our last night with a dinner out at an Italian restaurant that had a three course set menu for 14 euro each. Easily the best tasting moules (muscles) I have ever eaten. We were both sitting quietly eating when Clare goes “well I think we have finally run out of things to say”. I think we did well to last three months. Clare didn’t agree so no doubt will be googling some conversation topics this next week. 

The main focus at the moment is to get the next three months trip planning finished before we fly to Turkey on the 14th May and get busy seeing a lot in a short space of time again. The hostel has a massive poster for pineche, Portugal so we are thinking that will be where we end up for a week or two in September before hitting the Middle East and Africa. Getting from Greece to Croatia overland is also proving a bit of a mission and eating heaps of my time. Think I have now booked nearly 3 weeks of our 12 weeks so far. Luckily Clare is a freak at getting stuff sorted. In the time it has taken me to find a bus from Greece to Albania she has booked three weeks of stuff in Turkey, Greek Islands and Greece. Think that’s called chalk and cheese.

Our French has stalled majorly at the moment. We haven’t learnt much new stuff for a few weeks. Listening to french people talk has taken the wind out of our sails a bit. They speak so quickly and it’s hard to make out the words, let alone understand them. Even trying to understand the next station on the train being announced by the conductor was impossible, but I do remember having a similar problem when I worked in Sydney. 

The next train ride is the shortest we have had so far. Just 45 minutes down the road to Biarritz and a home stay with a family. Can’t wait. 



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