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Paris, oh Yeah it’s Alright



Paris is a magical place where bad things just seem to turn out great! It all started on day two of our stay. Sitting on the lounge, eating pumpkin soup, I was suddenly met with disaster. I spilled it. Devastatingly I was wearing a white shirt (and I do mean devastating – when you are a povo backpacker and live in only 4 changes of clothes, to lose one is shattering)! Amazingly as I was scrubbing it in the sink I realised it already had lots of yellow and orange blobs in the design. Not only was the shirt going to be ok, but I didn’t even have to bother washing it! Winning!

From there things have just been turning around all over the place. Like when we had a knock on the door at 1:30am, and woke expecting the worst! I staggered to the door and after asking who it was and getting a response in French, I decided to risk it and open the door. A young bloke started speaking and giving great hand actions of the door shutting. After a quick “je ne comprond pas” he explained in English. Turns out it was our neighbour from the door next door (apartment next door) just letting us know we’d left the front door open so it didn’t stay open all night.


We’ve also missed the last train home after a fun night at the pub with the girls, which turned out to be a great bike ride home. Attempted to get in a big flash mob dance and been harassed by gypsie scammers pretending to be deaf, which gave me a great opportunity to pretend I knew sign language and totally confuse the hell out of them. The flash mob was pretty fun and fantastically the crowd was crazy, so we missed the start but there is no evidence of my dancing skills! Here’s a couple vids of the crazy crowd.

We’ve even had a picnic in the rain that gave us amazing views like this.



So random too, in a massive city like Paris we have bumped into Heidi and Carmen twice in the street, even though we live half an hours walk away from each other. Haven’t worked out who’s stalking who yet though.

2 responses

  1. The best experiences we ever had while travelling were the surprises and the unexpected events. Love your view from the picnic in the rain.

    In the first video of flash mob crowd…the second girl who walks past at 28sec seriously looks like Mel Pogson!!

    April 14, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    • hahaha yep def looks like Mel, really does!! And yeah I tots agree Bon, its the surprise stuff that is the most fun! No expectation and feels like more of an adventure. Clare and I both love just hearing or reading about something random and then you just rock up and see what happens. Every time we see a few people all gathered in the one spot we stroll over and sus out what is going on, just to make sure we aren’t missing out.

      April 15, 2013 at 7:53 am

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