Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Lyons and Tigers


Getting out of the ol Chamonix was a MISSION!!!! The website said the trains weren’t running, so we thought we could catch a bus, but as we were riding the Mullet Bus (best name for a mini bus ever!) around town trying to find our bus, we saw the train pass by? Whaaat? So it was back to the train station for us and onto the train, two hours later than we were hoping to leave and not before Hiedi told the train ticket lady her name was Lyon, gold. On the way Clare, Heidi and Carmen made their way to the old town in Annecy, which Clare was pretty stoked about.

photo-132When we arrived in Lyon we made the short metro ride to the unit. No one there, but the street was Grand Rue Des Feuillants and there was a Little Rue Des Feuillants around the corner. Maybe we had the wrong unit block. So Heids and I ran around that unit block knocking on peoples doors, etc looking for Mr Jerome (our airbnb host). No joy, so we called him. The first block was the right one and he sent his mum over straight away. She spoke one English word, ‘Hello’. It was pretty fun putting the rest of the pieces of our conversation together as she explained the locks for the house, using the stove, the wifi password, etc hahaha. I have nothing further to say about the unit, other than that the reading material was very subjective.


The  next day Carmen had a crack at contacting her fam on the very slow wifi while Heidi, Clare and I embarked on a major adventure that involved walking 7km, lugging heavy sacks and took almost the entire day. A journey to the Laundromat. First of all we tried to hire bikes. This failed at the first three bike stations, so we walked. After throwing the clothes on to wash and munching a quick kebab it was mid afternoon. So we actually did hire bikes for the home leg and made it back just in time to start dinner.

The next day, Sunday, we were greeted with an absolute treat. The market!! Clare and I wandered though the art, book and food market for a good hour or more choosing some picnic food for our walk up to the top of town for lunch. It was quite a walk, but the view was pretty special from the roman ruins. It was really nice up there.



That afternoon we went and wifi’d it up together in a bar and we planned our campervan route which was a bit frantic. After dinner at home we headed out for dessert and the girls hit a local bar. Mmm crème brulee! Best thing about it was when the waiter who didn’t speak English turned up with it and I was so excited I gave him a massive ‘AH BONJOUR’ (good day) instead of thank you at 930pm. Clare nearly drowned in her own laughter. He did not know how to respond. Lyon by night on the walk home was pretty cool.


photo-134For our last day in Lyon we were in for a treat. The free zoo. I was imagining snails, turtles, cats and dogs as well. But not in Lyon! Tigers, stacks of Monkeys, including Gibbons (my favourite primates, just before humans), elephants, zebra, bears and giraffes. It was unreal! And we even got a little sunshine. There are few things funnier than when you rock up at the Giraffe enclosure and the male is trying to get his freak on with the ladies. Atleast we weren’t the only ones trying to get an awkward family photo of the big fella in action, the locals had cameras ready too hahaha.


That night we enjoyed a few laughs over a glass or four of wine. Good people, good times. From there we parted ways. See you in Paris in a week Moon and Heids.

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