Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Lausanne, Nothing to do and Nothing to see


It was so nice to arrive in Lausanne because we had absolutely nothing planned. Catch-up time.

Side bar – We had a very funny trip on one of the trains in Zermatt. Sitting on quiet train (as is etiquette on Swiss public transport, with the girls having a great time laughing and joking, completely oblivious to the discomfort of the passengers immediately adjacent. Little did I realise the train shame was about to head my direction as the ticket lady couldn’t process eurail discounts so the whole train waited at the next station while I got out and bought our tickets. The 100 or so passengers were surprisingly well tempered to wait quite a few minutes for me. Pretty funny!! The ticket lady didn’t speak great English, but she was able to say “everyone is looking at us”. It was also great watching Heidi ‘enjoy’ two very dry peanut butter sandwiches in order for us to drop the Boris nickname. I was sad to see it go.

The Lausanne unit was really nice and it was sweet to have it to ourselves. Carmen stumbled across a bit of light reading on the book case though. A massive comic book entitled Happy Sex. Some very strange stories inside. We couldn’t read any of it, but we didn’t need too to understand what was going on. Very graphic, but very funny! We were so excited to have our own oven we celebrated with a lovely family dinner. Roast veg and salmon steaks. Yum.



Next day was a bit wet so the girls stayed in for a nap and Jonti went for a wander around town down to the lake and marina. Pretty sure Clare, Carmen and Heids all walked the exact same route just at different times the following day. The city was not so pretty but the waterfront was nice.

Later we finally vanquished the green fairy before hitting a local pub, The Great Escape. It was also St Patties day, which we didn’t realise until we were greeted by a stack of leprechauns at the pub. Had a pretty fun night there meeting a few nice locals.



The next day the girls did some wondering while I had a hair cut. It was dead set almost the highlight of my trip so far. The barber was awesome and didn’t speak a word of English, so we had some very funny and basic conversations about where I was from, where he lived and how long I wanted my hair to be cut too, haha. It was so much fun. He kept cracking up when i couldn’t understand what he was saying and he was such a warm, friendly bloke. Everyone speaks French here which is cool, it makes learning a lot easier hearing people and seeing billboards and stuff.


The next morning we headed for Chamonix, but an avalanche delayed our trip by a couple hours. Saw some beautiful countryside on the way over, but the mini bus ride was pretty killer.

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