Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Top of the Jungfrau to ya!



There is an endless list of adjectives we could use to describe the view from the top of the Jungfraujoch (the worlds highest train ride), the photos don’t do it justice, but here they are regardless.



photo-105Felt like we were walking on those clouds behind us!!!!



“To be fair” (as Heidi aka ‘Boris’ would say) there wasn’t much to Lauterbrunnen, but it is pretty sweet nestled in below a massive cliff and waterfall. Switzerland is also very expensive. $5 coffees and eating dinner out, forget it. Luckily the hostel we stayed in had an awesome kitchen and dining room, so we cooked up a storm.

Heids and Moonshine hit up the old toboggan while we Jung’d it up and up and up. They had a ball, and Carmen’s boot was able to tell me all about it, as it was now able to talk thanks to the giant opening in the toe of it.

There was a fair bit of fog on the way up the Jungers, but don’t be worried that didn’t stop a heap of people from taking photos. Fog from the train window shot 1… fog from the train window shot 2… fog from the window shot 38. Why? It brings me to something I have devoted a fair bit of consideration to over the last 6-8 weeks (seeing as I have nothing better to do). And what is it? Well, ponder me this fair commoner; what the hell do people do with the insane amount of photos they collect by just randomly pointing their camera and hitting “yes please, I must capture this forever”. I even witnessed one of my Australasian friends walking through the train station with the camera on auto-shoot for possibly two or three minutes. Photography gold! It has seriously made me laugh so many times the amount of people who take a photo by randomly pointing a digital camera at basically nothing. What would they do, show their friends back home; “this is a road in Europe, and this is the wall of a building people work in I assume”. There must be a lot of photos on people’s hard drives that mean nothing to no one.

A late afternoon walk in Lauterbrunnen, some coffee and French study and the place was done. Time for dinner, bed and then a brief train ride to ol’ Zermatt and la Mattahorn de montagne. More breathtaking views and crazy hotel chefs…


3 responses

  1. crazy!! do birds really live in the snow?. also, how awesome is the cold…not!

    March 23, 2013 at 10:03 am

  2. “so we cooked up a storm”.
    tried this once, I learnt how to use the fire extinguisher.

    March 23, 2013 at 10:06 am

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