Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Fussen and the Fairytale Castle

photo-97We caught an afternoon train from Munich to a little town on the Germany/Austria border called Fussen.

Getting in after the only supermarket in town shut to find out that there was no kitchen available at our hostel anyway meant off we went out to dinner. To satisfy a craving of Thai we went to an Asian (they specialized in Thai, Chinese and Japanese?) restaurant. I was so hungry by this stage I ate every last piece of stirfry and every last grain of rice. We asked for table water and didn’t tip, which we googled when we got home and realized it was really rude – oops!


We found these amazing balls of goodness (?) and of course we bought one. We shared a coconut cream thing and it was like some sort of rolled up cookie ball with cream in the middle. Ok I’ll eat it.


Slept in the next day and then caught the bus up to Neuschwanstein Castle since it was a miszerly day. The castle was amazing, beautiful and so cool!! I have wanted to see it for so long and it definitely lived up to expectations! Even had a lovely walk through the forests. Sigh.



In the afternoon Jono and I sat in a café and practiced our French as we’re almost in France and still cant speak French. Gahh! We joined Carmen for a walk to the Lech Falls only to find that when we got there they had stopped the water flowing over the falls and were doing maintenance on them…! This unfortunately has been a reoccurring theme of our travels, I suppose being winter they think nows the best chance to get stuff done before all the tourists flock in in Summer, sucks for us though. Anyway the river itself was incredibly beautiful and such a vivid green/blue colour. We went for a stroll along the banks until the rain made it essential to retreat home stat.


We all ate dinner together and curled up on the bed to watch ‘Silver linings playbook’ which was awesome. Tuesday morning we got up and hauled our bags to the train station for the semi-ridiculous trip to the Swiss Alp town of Lauterbrunnen. As it’s in the Alps it’s a little difficult to get to and we had to take the below round about way there. 8.5hours and 7 trains later we arrived to the gorgeousness of Switzerland! I love this place!



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