Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Czech it out – Cesky Krumlov

On Tuesday morning we caught a bus that took us the 3hours to Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov is a little UNESCO protected historical town south of Prague.


We wandered around the town, walked for ages, found a cool park to sit in, on such a beautiful sunny day and ate a (many) trdelnik. We love Cesky Krumov and, as I’m sure everyone who’s been before me would say, it’s very beautiful and picturesque. During the week in winter though it is a tiny ghost town at night.


I went to the supermarket in the afternoon to buy some stuff for dinner. It was a tiny supermarket with 2 chocolate aisles and hardly any real food. I spent a long time looking at everything trying to decipher what things were and eventually bought everything I needed and, as I later discovered, a few things I didn’t. Unfortunately, so far during this trip I’ve experienced a few of what we’re calling ‘Clare’s food fails’.

No one in this supermarket spoke English so for the creamy pasta I was cooking for dinner I presented the container of ?cream and then motioned pouring into a sauce and stirring and the lady nodded. One correct – cream. However after this small victory I got cocky with the milk and didn’t ask for reassurance. The next morning I opened the milk and was about to pour it on my muesli when I smelt it – and boy did it not smell right! A quick google search confirmed that I had in fact purchased fermented buttermilk, which I will never purchase again. I tried really hard to drink it with some cereal before I gave up and stole someone else’s milk from the fridge.

I also ordered a hot chocolate while we were in Cesky as I am a self-confessed coffee snob and coffee over here is hit and miss. Turns out so are hot chocolates. It came piled with masses of cold fake cream and a thick chocolate syrup underneath – sounds semi-amazing but it wasn’t and I tried to drink it before I felt too sick to continue.


The second night we went to a non touristy traditional Czech food restaurant recommended to us and I ordered a vegetarian meal and asked for a side of dumplings (they’re really good here). The waitress said ‘no’. She said ‘it is no good’ and she was right.

We went up to the Castle and Tower and the view from the top over the town was awesome. We went up again at night time and had the whole place to ourselves. They keep bears in the castles moat, or so the sign said, I was pretty skeptical of their existence and then one day we saw one!



We went horse riding through the countryside around Cesky Krumlov on a lovely sunny, spring afternoon which was awesome. So weird though, only one person who worked there spoke English and she didn’t come with us on the ride. The whole hour we were there the following was communicated – “wait here, hold this, head down now please, you follow girl”. Lucky nothing went wrong.



Over here in Europe people seem cool with dogs being inside the restaurants. As long as it doesn’t come near my food I don’t really care either it just seems very bizarre and no one bats an eyelid when someone sits their dog down next to their table. One guy in Cesky shared his beer with his dog. Jono and I just stared.

We aren’t sure why there aren’t more alcoholics here as being an alco would be quite affordable. You can buy a shot of absinthe for $1.25….at 70% alcohol it tastes a lot like Listerine except you swallow it which I’m  still not sure is a great idea, for a few reasons.


Catching a train today from Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic to Munich in Germany via Austria to meet up with Heidi and Carmen, pretty excited to see them!  First leg of this massive train day was getting out of Cesky. This lady had a ferret in a cat carrier cage thing and it stunk, Jono goes lets make sure we get in a different carriage to the ferret and then the train arrived – guess we’re in with ferret lady!


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