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Czech Mate

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Czech’s love their beer, but they also love beer as well. That could just be what our American airbnb host tells everyone to justify his alcoholism, but he did seem to be right. The beer halls are full from 6pm to mid-night every day. And why wouldn’t they be I guess, when you can get a half litre of delicious Czech beer for AUD$1.50. Ridiculous.  Coke, coffee and even water were all more expensive in every pub, bar, café and restaurant we went to.

photo-68-shrunkYou may not have realized it but breweries had a massive problem to overcome. Beer straight from the barrel it is brewed in is delicious, but needs to be pasteurised if it’s going to be bottled or mixed in with CO2 if it is kegged. How can you avoid these two crimes against humanity? Introducing the beer tank! Holding around ???? litres a beer tank stores fresh beer, without pasteuarisation and a soft bag lining inside that ensures the CO2 that pressurizes it never touches the beer. It means that the beer has no bubbles. The bubbles are actually introduced by the bottle or keg.  It is definitely a great beer and a perfectly good reason to sneak a few in on a weekday. Because the beer has no bubbles it tastes a lot smoother and the head is so creamy. It is also really clean and clear, easy to drink and doesn’t fill you up. Which is handy when you drink it by the half litre.

Prague itself is a stunning old school city that feels like a town. Our airbnb place was a little away from the tourist area which was nice and our host was a fun American expat who took us out for a couple beers on arrival. We headed straight out from there to explore the city and loved it. Finding somewhere to eat dinner at a descent price was actually a little difficult, but eating dinner in front of the old clock was ridiculously expensive but still only cost us 50 bucks haha.  The traditional goulash and pork with bread dumplings tasted great.


The next morning we slept in, rang a few peeps and headed out after lunchtime to wander aimlessly around the city again. We wound our way through the old city and found ourselves up near the old cathedral and palace. The view is superb. Made us realize it was a massive city and not just the small town it felt like.


At dusk we started our way up to the city tower. It was a bit of a hike and included a trip up on the funinqular (small cable train), but was worth every step! The view over the city as the sun was escaping it was super cool. We stayed for about a half an hour watching the city lights all gradually come on, before walking home through the park for dinner on a docked boat, Italian.



I reckon Prague is the Thailand of Northern Europe. It is super cheap, a fun party atmosphere and there are even stacks of thai massage places haha. No idea why, but it actually doesn’t seem that weird, even though they are in such old school buildings with cobbled streets.


On our last day we had breakfast on the river bank, explored the city again, had delicious falafel for lunch (again) and chicken nachos for dinner at a crowded Mexican bar. That night we took some night photos of the city, had another beer with our host and his mates and then headed back out to grab some dessert.

The Charles Bridge is really cool with its old school statues. There were always a few beggers on there or at either end like the guy in the pic below. I love this photo because it fully sums it up. So many people (us included) are so willing to spend a lot of money on themselves coming to a place like this, but are willing to spend so little on those who need it so much more. Makes you pretty motivated to do some good for homeless people back home, because there is really nothing substantial you can do for these guys.

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