Standing still is boring. Get outside!

‘Berlin you old dog’

Riding around Copenhagen and Berlin has been totally awesome! It is such an awesome way to get around and see everything! It is pretty funny though how often you need to go to the toilet when you are out and about all day and there are none around. I have now gone in some ridiculously public locations! Clare is (genuinely reluctantly) getting much better at being look out too.
Fairly sure we saw Michael Goddard in Berlin the other day just juggling fire sticks in front of traffic at the lights and then hitting them up for loose coins. His usual tricks. We have seen so much of the city on our bikes. I loved the jewish memorial at night, but it was hell freaky! Walking through it makes your skin crawl. I think it is probably 30% what it commemorates and 70% feeling like you could be mugged from anywhere at any second, but it is definitely spooky.
I calculate that we have ridden approximately 1million kilometres in the last few days. I calculated it not using kilometres, but by gauging how sore my butt is when I have to get back on the bike the next morning! I’m not sure if you have experienced this, but it is a pain that surprises you, since you use this part of your butt only for riding you are completely unaware you are severely damaged until you sit on the seat again! Not cool. Whilst the Germans of the north aren’t the friendliest bunch, they are definitely very patient with cyclists! Especially retarded, non German speaking, no clue about road rules, or cycling etiquette tourist cyclists. The amount of times I have said sorry, swerved around someone or come to a complete stop in front of them is ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is the fact that I haven’t been screamed at, abused or physically assaulted even once. I hate me on a bike, but the Germans seemed to be totally unbothered. Once or twice mumbling something or shaking their head but that’s it.
The east side gallery was really cool. Tommy and Steveo, you boys would love it! It’s over a km of the berlin wall, covered in street art. Some of it is pretty impressive. The locals all just walk the street sinking beers and being grungy. Fairly sure if you stayed in Berlin for longer than two weeks you just grow an undercut, tattoos appear on your arms and you have great style and taste all of a sudden; it is so alternate and happening! It’s weird it’s like a grundgy party town. The best times to go out are 2-4am sat and sun mornings and the clubs go all day!! The stink, ranclaud, de butt, the scrot, the dr, the gibber and even ol motherbird could have some fun here!! Next bucksy?
We went out to the Lowenbrau on the Friday night and dominated a massive schnitzel and a litre of beer. We headed home and had some good laughs in our room having a couple of bevies getting ready to hit a club after midnight. 42c beers, a $2 bottle of wine and an $8 bottle of rum. Good times for all. The cheap rum is nobodies friend though and I’m fairly sure he was trying to kill me and not slowly. Luckily I didn’t hang out with him for too long before midnight rocked up and it was time to head out. We went to this really cool club in a house. It was so weird ripping up the d-floor / lounge room. It was really fun.
Finally for all those who mocked and scourged me for running in tights without modesty shorts, the europeans are doing it here like its going out of fashion! I knew I was a european at heart.

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