Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Stockholm, splendid. Copenhagen, charismatic!‏

I guess it’s probably because the city’s have been getting bigger and bigger every time we travel, but they just keep feeling more and more alive! As soon as we arrived in Stockholm it just felt fun. There’s more going on, more visitors, more to see.

The Hostel we stayed in was really fun too, full of cool travellers. We had a great time just wandering the streets, cooking dinner in a full kitchen with about 4 different languages going on at any one time, and finding a great little tapas bar in the old city for desert and coffee.


We definitely could have stayed in Stockholm for longer. It was great just to wander around and check it all out. The bloke below did have a big machine gun, but he was pretty unhelpful with directions. Couldn’t get a word out of him, but we did eventually get him to crack up!


It was great to catch up with my mate Gustaf the Third, clearly a massive fan of bird turd, he can’t seem to get enough of it. Clare was loving waiting for me to grab another photo of a statue too. She’s so patient my wife.


The afternoon train to Copenhagen went pretty quickly thanks to the onboard wifi. It was a fair mission to our airbnb place though, over 3km walking with packs and all in the cold. We’re stoked when we arrived. Such a cracker unit and the hosts are great people. Cool map on the wall too that even has Newcastle (and Taree) on it.


There are bikes literally everywhere here! We passed literally hundreds on our way to find some grub for dinner. We found a wicked little wine bar called Manfred’s, it was so hipster. It was fully packed, but they found a spot to squeeze us in. We had slow roasted pork and a toasted cabbage dish with a few drinks and the waiter explains where everything is grown and how it is all produced. Tara you would have loved it!


Next morning it was time to explore Copenhagen. Breakfast was a samosa from a corner store, but Clare took a fair bit of convincing that this was a good idea thanks to Scott Brewers horror stories about pineapple donuts and cheesy snag bags from 7-11 stores, haha.


After a few kms dodging dog turds in the cold, we decided to get on board and hire bikes. There are definitely pros and cons to cycling. Pros; no dog turds and a speedy mode of transport. Cons; in heavy traffic you can’t help but feel a slow and painful death below the wheel of a large bus is imminent and having to take up smoking to keep warm! After about an hour you lose all feeling in your hands and it is difficult to ride straight whilst shaking uncontrollably.

Clare decided it was coffee o’clock to regain feeling. I said let’s not stop here there will be nicer coffee shops down the road. Epic fail. After enjoying an instant coffee in some kind of dungeon, watching Dutch ‘days of our lives’ and listening to terrible 80’s music my Cafe recommendation privileges were revoked. Permanently.


After a quick stop to grab a photo of European castle number 364 and part of my glove, it was time to grab some steak, veggies and a few beers and hit the unit!


2 responses

  1. Scrotom

    Pretty sure Marshall from how I met your mother (with a machine gun) was laughing at the dude in his wife’s jacket.

    March 4, 2013 at 10:11 am

    • hahaha he does look like Marshall, but no thats a pretty manly jacket!!

      March 4, 2013 at 10:25 am

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