Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Farewell Lofoten (Hello 24hrs of Transit)

Dead set felt like we were leaving the Antarctic driving off on the ferry from Lofoten. Massive white cliffs. Deep blue ocean. Fairly sure I spotted a polar bear. Could have been a man in a polar bear jacket though. Considering they skin everything here I can only assume they are available to buy.


So if ever you go to Å i Lofoten there is really only one thing worth remembering… there is one bus in all of Norway that does not take credit card and it is the 6:30am from Å to Moskenes. Which just happened to be the bus we needed to get to the ferry. The driver was fully unkeen to let us on, but I just started to cry coz it was the only way to get to our ferry and without it we were doomed to spend another 24hrs in fish stink village. Then Clare teared up as well so he let us on.

After our 3hr ferry ride and a short wait in Bodo it was time for our 18hr train ride to Oslo, yay!!! You may recognize my friend in the photo below, ‘super organized train cabin space Clarrington’. She is a most helpful train travel companion. Even if she refuses to sleep and may become slightly deranged by the end of particularly long journeys.


While we were mid journey I thought it would be appropriate to grab a quick photo of the evidence that Clare can actually sleep on the train. Felt a bit creepy taking a photo of someone who is asleep. Little did I realize the photo was about to become about a thousand times creepier thanks to the help of Lars Sneakinapeek.


Once we arrived we dumped the bags and headed straight to the free museums (travellers on a budget people). The war museum was unreal! Had a great time checking out the dioramas, old weapons, replicas, models, etc etc etc. Outside the kids were getting involved too, taking it in turns to ride the troop carrier. Who says war isn’t fun for the whole family.



Walking around Oslo was the coldest we’ve been. Turned a couple of Clare’s toes purple. We did come across this cool statue though. If you read the inscription carefully I’m fairly sure it says something like “I’m an awesome explorer who founded these parts. If you want to be my horse you have to have mangoes the size of well, mangoes.“


Had a strange realization while I was going to collect some dinner tonight. I think we are staying in the Bronx of Oslo, but given that it is the most expensive city in Europe and that the average income for Norwegion’s is over AUD$100K I’m pretty sure there’s more chance of me needing to steal from the hobo’s around here than vice versa.


I have a quick tip for the Mayor of Oslo too, if you get some public toilets you will have a lot less ozzie yobbo’s urinating in your gardens in particularly awkward situations that bit too close to random passer byes.

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