Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Svolvaer to Å i Lofoten

Once we resolved the minor fiasco of thinking we missed our bus, we eventually arrived in Svolvaer. Our accomo was pretty nice, even though they upgraded our room and charged us the difference because they were renovating the room we booked. Still got a pretty good deal though on an awesome room!


Next morning, Sunday, we headed straight to the tourist info centre, which of course is closed Sunday, as are all supermarkets, cafes and bakeries. Luckily some nice lady in an art gallery told us where the only open café in town could be found. We had waffles and I ordered mine with Norwegian Brown Cheese. What a great way to ruin perfectly good waffles. Had to try it though. The waitress, a cool Swedish chick who had travelled through Oz the year before with her bf told us about a nice walk around the breakwall past the stockfish. Stockfish stink. There are thousands, probably millions actually. The hang the body and the head till they get all juicy like and then flog em off to European and Asian countries. Nearly gagged just walking past a fresh batch!


After about three hours of walking we also found the only supermarket in town open on a Sunday and knocked up a quick snowman, rolling ball technique and all. Met a few random Norwegians along the way. The people are super friendly, they don’t go out of their way to talk to you, but if you strike up a convo they love a good yarn. Man they do talk quickly though. I still can’t copy their accent either; I just sound like a leprechaun.  As it was still the weekend we headed out for a $15 pint of beer at the local bar. Walking home was more of a run thanks to the ambient temperature being well below freezing.


Next morning we grabbed the Lofoten Express again headed for Å i Lofoten, about a three hour bus ride. The scenery along the way was unreal. Massive mountain peaks all dusted in snow. As we pulled up at one random bus stop just off the side of the road near a few houses and pine trees we heard a crack that sorta sounded like a gunshot. Didn’t think too much of it. Looking out the window I notice a massive moose/elk about 100m away. I grabbed Clare’s attention, “oi a moose”, Clare turned just in time to see it stumble into some bracken, collapse and die. Some unit had shot it. The bus driver didn’t seem worried at all, so we sat there for another few seconds in silence and then he just drove off. It was so weird.


There is not too much happening in the old Å. Pronounced “Oh” which is only mildly confusing. It is pretty beautiful here though.


We’ve been here for 5hours now and have seen two other humans, and about 1000 rotten fish! When we called the receptionist of our Hotel she told us she wasn’t in town and just to let ourselves into room number 4. So we are currently sitting on our Hotel room at 6pm, the only ones in the building, with no bedding or towels, assuming the lady will rock up sometime soon? We leave for the ferry at 6:30 so if she doesn’t turn up it could be a cheap nights accommodation for us.

Clear night outside, might see the lights again tonight.

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