Standing still is boring. Get outside!

Missed your bus?

I can definitely think of worse places to be freaking out, thinking you have missed the only daily bus to the Lofoten Islands.


We were pretty worried, but turned out the timetable we were using was an old one, and while we were running around trying to get people to help us call the bus company… the bus showed up. The driver couldn’t speak a word of english though, but I can give you a red hot tip, waving your hands around, speaking slower and even trying French (no idea why i did that, but Clare thoroughly enjoyed it) will be of no assistance to anyone! It was pretty hellish waiting for 45mins in -3’C though.

IMG_4144- shrunk

When we did eventually get on the bus, I decided to make myself comfortable, only to be told by the lady behind me that it was very inappropriate to lie my seat back with her sitting behind me and that I should go and sit somewhere else. Which I did, and as I moved I noticed her take a shoe off, put her foot on the seat next to her and cover it with her leather glove. Normal as.

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